Closet Care

General Tips

Spring Wardrobe Refresh

Did you know that most people wear 20% of their garments 80% of the time? Think about it – certain clothes make you feel more confident than others. As Spring comes in full force, we are enjoying more time outside and reaching for a new season’s wardrobe. This time of year is infamous for the “spring clean.” Wiping up forgotten baseboards, washing windows, changing out linens, and adding a sense of “fresh” to your surroundings. Keep the momentum going and... View Article

Three Important Tips to Preserve your Sport Coats & Blazers

Sport coats and blazers are important staples in anyone’s wardrobe. Dressing up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a nice sport coat is a very easy way to look casual, yet polished. In order to keep your sport coats and blazers in their best condition, consider these three suggestions: Daily Maintenance – Brushing and Airing Out Your Jackets Take 30 seconds out of your day and grab a clean brush with stiff bristles to clean your sports and... View Article

Closet Sense

The cleanliness and organization of your closet play an important role in the life of your clothes. Here are 10 tips to be sure your closet is working for you: Clean your closet. Dust mites, including moth sacs, are in many closets. You can’t see them but moths like to lay eggs in wool, silk and fur garments that have not been disturbed for awhile. Don’t put wet or damp clothes or shoes in the closet, as this promotes mildew.... View Article

Closet Lighting

Direct exposure to sunlight or artificial lighting is dangerous to fabrics. Since many dyes are sensitive to prolonged exposure to light, colors can fade to lighter shades and even white clothing can fade to yellow. In some cases, light fading occurs on only one side of the fabric or where an edge is exposed to a light source. On some fabrics, such as silk, fading can occur in a relatively short time. While clothes should be removed from the poly... View Article