Closet Sense

April 1, 2011 5:59 pm

The cleanliness and organization of your closet play an important role in the life of your clothes. Here are 10 tips to be sure your closet is working for you:

  1. Clean your closet. Dust mites, including moth sacs, are in many closets. You can’t see them but moths like to lay eggs in wool, silk and fur garments that have not been disturbed for awhile.
  2. Don’t put wet or damp clothes or shoes in the closet, as this promotes mildew.
  3. After wearing, air clothing overnight before hanging in the closet. This minimizes moisture, which adds to wrinkling and attracts insects.
  4. Clothing that will not be worn for a few months should be stored in tight containers or sealed garment bags to protect from insects.
  5. Avoid wire hangers. They are weak, can bend and do not provide the necessary support for many items. Try our free hanger caddy to keep the wire hangers organized before you return for recycling.
  6. Avoid hanging knits and heavy items that can stretch.
  7. Don’t jam too many clothes into the closet as this leads to wrinkling and crushing.
  8. Do not leave closet lights on and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Many dyes are sensitive to light and may fade quickly.
  9. Periodically, and when away on a trip, open your closet doors to allow air to circulate and reduce the moisture in your closet.
  10. Use cedar, eucalyptus, or lavender products. Remember, such products have a limited life, should be replaced regularly and are not guaranteed. If you have a cedar chest or closet and the pungent smell disappears, it’s time to re-sand and renew.