Why Antons

Over a century of unwavering commitment

To dry cleaning excellence
At Anton’s, we set the bar high when it comes to the quality of our work. Our mission has remained the same for over 100 years: to provide consistent, quality clothing care with a level of service that exceeds your expectations.

With the continuous upgrading to the latest equipment and ongoing training in the details of fabric care and treating stains, we deliver the best look and feel in clothing care available anywhere.

To superior customer service
We know the importance of listening to customers. Our well-trained staff focuses on customer expectations: understanding customer preferences, checking pockets, protecting buttons, touching up with hand ironing and inspecting finished garments before packaging.

Because clothing care is personal, we want to make sure you’re pleased. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your service.

To serving the community
We are not only committed to our customers, but to where they live as well. This is why we sponsor two community care programs. Since 1995, the highly successful Coats for Kids program has collected, cleaned, and distributed over one million coats, free of charge, to those in need. This represents over $15M in donated cleaning costs. Year after year, our mission is unchanged: “Anyone who needs a coat will have one.”

Through Belle of the Ball, which was launched in 2005, we have collected and cleaned over 76,000 prom dresses, again without charge, and given to young women in need.

For both of these programs, Anton’s contribution extends far beyond cleaning costs, as we coordinate and manage an extensive partnership network to ensure that the programs reach those in need and improve the lives of those in the communities we serve, and beyond.

To environmental responsibility
A leader in guiding the clothing care industry on environmental standards, Anton’s commitment to environmental excellence is real, continuous and unwavering. In all aspects of our business, we continuously seek new technologies and processes to strengthen our contribution to protecting the environment, our customers and our employees. We continue to strive to shrink our carbon footprint, while providing quality service at competitive prices.

To respect for employees
As the largest retail dry cleaner in Massachusetts, Anton’s prides itself on valuing its employees. We encourage personal growth and reward performance with advancement opportunities.