Eco / Recycling

EcoClean Clothing Care™

Anton’s commitment to environmental excellence is real, continuous and unwavering.

A leader in guiding the clothing care industry on environmentally-friendly standards, environmental responsibility has long been a top priority at Anton’s. In all aspects of our business, we continuously seek new technologies and processes to strengthen our contribution to protecting the environment, our customers and our employees. We continue to strive to shrink our carbon footprint, while providing quality service at competitive prices.

The Cleaning Process

Our equipment replacement plan is based on an ongoing process of analyzing and researching environmentally friendly alternative drycleaning fluids. Anton’s Cleaners has installed Green Earth™ and/or EcoSolv® fluid dry cleaning machines in all locations. We are proud to be 100% PERC-free.

Our dry cleaning and wetcleaning equipment is computer controlled for maximum efficiency. It has helped reduce dry cleaning fluid consumption by 90% over the last 30 years and water consumption by 50%.

Anton’s employees receive continuous training to meet the company’s rigorous cleaning performance standards. We follow clothing manufacturer recommendations in selecting the best cleaning process, wetcleaning more than 50% of all garments.


100% recycling of dry cleaning fluid waste. In 1982 Anton’s was the first cleaner in the United States to institute this practice. Anton’s objective is to minimize waste and then recycle it, not just dispose of it.

Our drycleaning equipment uses a sophisticated distillation process that recycles dry cleaning fluid to provide totally clean dry cleaning fluid for each load.

To make it easy for customers to recycle, Anton’s has a recycling center in each of its stores.

  • Wire hangers: Anton’s Cleaners both reuses and recycles the hangers.
  • Plastic: Anton’s recycles plastic used in covering clothes.


If you have questions, please download our EcoClean Clothing Care™ brochure or email us.