Spring Wardrobe Refresh

April 24, 2024 11:59 pm

Did you know that most people wear 20% of their garments 80% of the time?

Think about it – certain clothes make you feel more confident than others.

As Spring comes in full force, we are enjoying more time outside and reaching for a new season’s wardrobe.

This time of year is infamous for the “spring clean.” Wiping up forgotten baseboards, washing windows, changing out linens, and adding a sense of “fresh” to your surroundings. Keep the momentum going and do the same for your wardrobe!

Garments that you don’t love shouldn’t be taking up prime real estate in your closet. Instead, you should surround yourself with items that bring you joy, boost your confidence, and make you want to be seen!

Start with the fall/winter wardrobe.

Think back on the recent season and donate anything that you didn’t wear frequently (or at all!). Don’t forget accessories, such as scarves, coats, and shoes.

It’s time to purge the rest of your closet.

Look for red flags and donate items that:

  • Simply don’t fit
  • Are not flattering for your body shape
  • Don’t speak to your personal style
  • You haven’t worn or only used it once
  • Aren’t a suitable color for your skin tone
  • Were improperly cared for and are fading or damaged
  • Have imperfections or damage that can’t easily be repaired
  • You keep telling yourself you will alter but are yet to do it

Set yourself up for Spring.

Congratulations! You cleaned out your closet and feel confident that you have a wardrobe that both makes you happy and represents your style.

You are convinced that everything in your closet is now a favorite item. You won’t fall into the group of people that wear 20% of their garments 80% of the time.

Are you ready to take it one step further?

We want you to break the rules and challenge your closet OCD. Hang your hangers backward. Yes, that’s right, hook the hanger on the opposite way of how you normally would. Don’t turn your hangers the correct way until the garment that was on it has been worn and laundered for next time.

At the end of the season, see how many hangers were never turned the correct way, and donate those items. This trick will help set you up for future closet clean-out success!

Finished your spring clean-out and still feel like you need more closet space? Keep this season’s favorites at your fingertips, we’ll store the rest in Anton’s Closet, for FREE.

We’ll place your off-season wardrobe or household linens in a secure and dust-free environment at no additional charge, all you pay for is the cleaning!

We make it easy. Simply bring your garments or household linens to any of our locations and let your customer service representative know you’d like to use Anton’s Closet. When you’re ready for your off-season wardrobe, just give us a call. We’ll have your items freshly pressed and ready for you.

Reminder: The state of Massachusetts has banned the disposal of fabrics. Virtually any textile can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. If an item you are looking to remove from your closet isn’t in wearable condition, you can still donate it for textile recycling. For more information about Massachusetts efforts in reducing textile waste and where to donate, visit mass.gov