Getting Yourself and your Wardrobe Ready for Back To School

July 31, 2022 11:59 pm

With only one month left to go, the upcoming school year is likely weighing on your mind. At least one shopping trip is probably at the top of your to-do list in the next few weeks.

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or college student, you’ll want to update your wardrobe with some of the latest well-fitting styles. Being confident and comfortable in your clothing choices allows both adults and children to focus on learning (or working!) rather than self-awareness.

Properly caring for new garments help them stay fresh all year long. Today’s fashions for kids still include jeans and t-shirts, but you’ll also see many khaki pants and sweaters as we start to dive into Fall.

The kids might not be ready to start thinking about the academic year ahead, but figuring out what items are going to stay in rotation and what items are going to be stored will make for a smoother transition to Fall.

Summer Storage

Getting your summer wardrobe ready for storage takes a considerable amount of care and time. Items will need to be thoroughly cleaned before storage since invisible stains can yellow over time and soils left in fabrics may attract insects. Proper cleaning will ensure these garments will be ready-to-wear next summer.

Silks and linens are the most prone to invisible stains. The key is to make sure they’re cleaned and not worn again before they are packed away for cold storage. Summer silks are delicate. It is best to consider having these items dry cleaned and stored in the proper containers.

Dry Cleaning poly bags are not suitable for long-term storage, as they contain lubricants and could cause the garments to be trapped with excess air. Other types of plastic may not suitable for storage if the garments have any hint of wetness – as this can cause mildew to develop while in storage or create water stains.

Storage Tips

The ideal way to store clothing is in cardboard boxes. These boxes should be stored in a dark, dry place with a regulated temperature – such as under your bed or in a closet. There should be no direct sunlight in contact with the clothing (or even artificial light) since exposure to light has been known to cause color fading or yellowing in whites.

Items should not be stored where your wardrobe may come in contact with fumes, such as in a garage or basement, because engine and furnace emissions can often cause discoloration of dyes.

Similarly, items should not be stored in a damp area. Doing so could cause mildew odors that are difficult to remove.

Fall Freshen-Up

As your Fall sweaters, coats, and pants make their way out of storage, you may notice that some items may have gathered a musty smell.

Fine-haired sweaters can get pressed flat by the heat of the attic or under other stored items in the closet. After retrieving your items from storage, check for fading or small holes (as a result of insect damage). If your garments look good, then your clothes have survived the summer months and will need a little freshening up to prepare you for Fall style.

Professional cleaning will help rejuvenate your garments with a “like new” appearance. Dry cleaning will help remove any remaining soils that home washers can’t.

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