Swimsuit Questions

April 22, 2011 7:03 pm


“Is there any special care I should give to my swimsuits?”

A. Yes. The major problem is residual chlorine left in swimsuits. It can cause damage to the fabric. Most of us hang swimsuits out to dry and then put them away. Because of the possibility of chlorine damage, swimsuits should be rinsed out before hanging them out to dry. Then, launder them before storing away during the winter.

“Do you have any suggestions to help prevent my bathing suits from fading?”

A. While chlorine is essential for keeping the water in swimming pools bacteria free and safe, it can cause your swimwear to lose color and fade, if not promptly rinsed. Salt water and hot tubs can also speed up the aging process.
Here are some care tips:

  • Hand wash the suit (if you must put it in the washer, use a net bag and select the ‘gentle’ cycle).
  • Fully disperse a mild detergent in the water BEFORE placing the suit in it, and take care to rinse thoroughly.
  • To dry, gently roll the suit in a towel to remove excess water and then air dry, away from the sun.
  • Avoid sitting or laying on abrasive surfaces, since they can cause the elastic fibers in your suit to ‘snap’ and snag.
  • Be careful when applying sunscreens, oils, self-tanners and insect repellents. They can react with the dyes in your suit and cause a color change!
And here’s a non-clothing care tip- don’t be careless around the water and never swim alone!