Knits Questions

April 22, 2011 7:00 pm


“What is the best way to keep knits looking good and maintain their shape?”

  1. Keep knits clean. Treat stains immediately. When spills are blotted immediately and professionally removed, stains are not as likely to develop.
  2. If a sweater or cape gets wet (and they do!), let it dry at room temperature away from the heat and then brush with the nap.
  3. Store knits on a closet shelf or in a drawer, when possible. Light and medium weight knits can be hung over padded hangers, but heavier knits tend to stretch when hung. Never hang knits from the shoulders, and be sure to empty the pockets, and remove the belt. Weight only serves to distort a sweater’s shape. Also, close zippers.
  4. Gently brushing woolens and other sturdy knits with a soft, light-bristled clothing brush will remove dust, pollen, and crusty food and help keep them fresh longer.