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Belle of the Ball is Back February 6th!

Dress donations are accepted through March 26; referrals are accepted through March 17, 2023 High school events are back and the search for the perfect prom dress is in full swing this February. As one of New England’s largest prom dress drives, Belle of the Ball ensures that any high school girl who needs a prom dress can have one. For young women and their families who are struggling to put food on the table, prom dress shopping can be... View Article

At Home Cleaning: Sweaters and Their Many Fibers

Sweaters come in many shapes, sizes, and fiber content. Each type of fiber can present different challenges when in the cleaning process. Here are some tips to help you successfully clean sweaters at home without causing damage. ACRYLIC Acrylic knit sweaters are often difficult to distinguish from wool or other fiber types. For this reason, paying attention to the care label and content is especially important. If the label suggests precautions, or if you notice “acrylic” is noted on the... View Article