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Understanding how to wear and care for your dress shirts

Dress shirts are a staple in most wardrobes. It is important to understand how to care for them and what fabrics are the right choice for your lifestyle: Natural fibers such as cotton and silk breathe well and are good choices for the warmer months. Although silk is higher maintenance than cotton. The higher the percentage of cotton, the better the shirt will breathe, so, if you perspire heavily, cotton is your best choice. There is no right or wrong... View Article

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5 Tips to Removing Common BBQ Stains

Chances are that you’ve already broken out your entire summer wardrobe and you’re going to a cookout in the near future. We’ve all experienced the unhappiness of noticing a ketchup or mustard stain on that brand new polo shirt. Here are 5 Tips to remove common BBQ stains: Mustard – We list this one first because it’s one of the most challenging to remove. Make sure to carefully wipe off as much excess as possible. Soak the area with cold... View Article